trading platform

Start your international trading business without registering your own legal entity.

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Use the available existing companies in reputable jurisdictions, track-record and bank accounts. Quickly sign contracts, issue invoices, settle payments and make profit.

Focus on your core business, not on maintaining corporate structures.

Companies of the platform, registered in Estonia (EU), Switzerland (non- EU) and Turkey (non- EU) have all the necessary features for international trading operations:


What use the service of platform
rather than register your own company?

Save money

Save time

Avoid risks

When creating your own corporate structures, the beneficiary (or their employees) have to act as the director of a foreign company, since nominee service is now a thing of the past, therefore:

How it works

the client shall act on the basis of an Agency Agreement;

as an Agent, the client will provide the companies of platform with business opportunities to purchase and sell goods from and to interested international partners;

the shall buy and sell respective goods;

the generated profits shall be is paid out to the client in the form of agency fees;


We prepare a personalized offer for each client that takes into account the nature of the business and of the project.

Approximate rates are
0,75% from turnover
10% from profit
but not less than €1,000


Analysis of a new project:

up to 10 working days from the submission of the project description.

Analysis of the primary agreements according to the confirmed description of the project:

up to 3 working days from the submission of the contract drafts.

Signing of the current contracts in the project framework:

up to 24 hours from the submission of the contract draft.

Implementation of the payments:

up to 24 hours from the submission of the documents — during banking days.

Examples of cooperation with clients

Example №1
Example №2